Welcome to the Tennis Club Quepos

Welcome to the Tennis Club Quepos, the new tennis club in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The Tennis Club has been open since April 2011, it is open for locals and tourists who want to learn and enjoy tennis. 


To promote the tennis in the area as an alternative activity for locals and tourists, which allows people to enjoy the weather, the flora and fauna in a healthy and educative way.


To promote a social union through an sport and to encourge people to enjoy the nature sorrounding the club. 

The club objectives are:

  • To organize friendly competitions and profesionals events national and international level.
  • To give private and clinics classes to people of all ages.
  • To establish partnerships with different tourist companies of the area.
  • Keep a warm welcome to members.
  • Facilitate the tennis in the region of Quepos

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Tennis Club Quepos

office: 86 66 42 12

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Quepos Open 2011

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